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Attic Mold

Attic Mold Removal Service

Your attic should have a proper venting. Bathroom exhaust vents discharge excess moisture, and poor ventilation is the number one cause of attic mold. The attic should also be insulated to local codes. Improperly insulated ceilings can make the attic prone to mold growth. A leaky roof can also cause attic mold and most mold can grow in warm and cold climates. The best time to remove mold is ASAP.


The Causes of Attic Mold Growth

Some homeowners might not notice mold growing in an attic. Mold spores are everywhere and can travel easily throughout your home. Exposing this mold to an excess amount of moisture can cause a mold colony. Mold growth will follow the moisture, mold spores travel everywhere there is air. If the mold is not removed in a timely manner, the mold will expand to other areas of the house. Attic mold is also destroying your roof’s sub-structure. Mold eats what it grows on, and in this case it’s your home.

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Attic Mold Solutions

Your Home Could be Making You Sick.


The Dangers of Attic Mold

There are millions of species of mold, to identify potential risks the technicians may choose to test, or sample.. The mold could affect the air inside your home. In addition to being unsightly, mold can cause several health problems. Mold can damage your respiratory system. If your home has an attic mold infestation, you may suffer some adverse affects. Mold can cause sinus infections. Some people are sensitive to mold, and the spores could damage their immune system. Attic mold doesn’t affect people as much as interior mold but is still a concern.


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A Professional Attic Mold Removal Service

Most people will have to deal with mold at some point. Even if you have good venting and insulation mold can still grow in your attic. Rapid Mold Removal can help you remove attic mold.


Some people think that bleach kills mold, according to the EPA this is untrue. A mold removal company can remove the mold stains and destroy the mold.


Attic Mold Remediation Method

When you contact Rapid Mold Removal, the mold removal specialist checks for visible mold and also potential moisture sources.


The specialist then suits up and performs remediation on the attic mold and surrounding areas. Techniques on attic mold removal vary but the end result is the same, no more mold.

Professional Attic Mold Removal


Attic Mold Removal Tools

The specialist can recommend an attic mold remediation method. The services will be performed in a professional manner, and our specialists will always respect your home. The specialist may need to use commercial cleaning products, and you might have to discard any furniture that has mold spores. If the attic mold is not removed, the spores can multiply and cause structural damage.


At Rapid Mold Removal, our attic mold removal specialists are experienced professionals. We can handle large and small mold remediation projects. The specialist will use a combination of tools and attic mold removal products. Customer satisfaction is always our priority. Our specialist can answer all of your attic mold removal questions. When you call Rapid Mold Removal, a representative will walk you through a series of questions to estimate your mold removal and then schedule an appointment. You can expect clean results and excellent mold removal services because Rapid isn’t just our name, it’s how we do business!