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Attic mold in is one of the biggest problems facing many homeowners in Portland Connecticut. Attic mold in Portland CT is a major problem as it is estimated to be in 1 out of every 3 attics. Since many people don’t go into their attic regularly, these microorganisms grow undisturbed until found by the homeowner or by a home inspector during a sale. Sometimes the attic mold in Portland Connecticut goes unnoticed until an illness is suspected or something is needed out of storage.


Many homeowners have the misconception that Portland CT attic mold removal is an easy do it yourself exercise. Sometimes, they end up causing more damage via fallout spores and cross contamination. Spores are always allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic so the spread of millions of spores is a larger problem than the initial colony. Therefore, if you want complete mold removal done at a fair price you should call Rapid Mold Removal. At Rapid Mold Removal, we quickly and efficiently remove attic mold in Portland Connecticut without harming you or the environment.

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Harmful Effects of Attic Mold in Portland CT

Attic and building material damage: When mold grows inside your attic on building materials such as drywall, wood framing, cellulose insulation, plywood, boxes, etc., it gradually destroys that material. Mold releases enzymes to break down these materials resulting in off-gassing of MVOC’s (microbial volatile organic compounds), spores, and the growth of the colony. The MVOC’s and the spores have the same traits and can equally cause the inhabitants harm.


Health concerns: In the short term as well as the long run, Portland Connecticut attic mold can cause a series of health issues. Immuno-compromised individuals have a higher chance of suffering adverse effects from mold exposure. Some of these symptoms behave like allergies and the more extreme varieties can cause memory loss and temporary illness with acute exposure. Prolonged exposure could result in serious health complications, a doctor should be consulted in conjunction with mold remediation services if an inhabitant is having symptoms.


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Pets: One of the lesser known victims of having elevated mold counts are our pets. They suffer the same symptoms and some do not handle as well as a healthy adult would. Rapid always takes pets into consideration when performing duties and/or evaluating a potential mold colony.


Benefits of Contracting Rapid Mold Removal, LLC

At Rapid Mold Removal, LLC, we use the latest techniques and technology to remediate and clean attic mold in Portland CT safely. We have highly trained and experienced technicians who perform excellent Portland Connecticut attic mold removal services. The major benefits of working with us are as follows.


Reduce the Spread

During attic mold cleanup in Portland CT, spores easily get into the air and spread to various parts of the house. If molds get to your HVAC system, the spore contamination can become rampant. At RMR, we have experienced technicians who carry out the Portland Connecticut attic mold cleaning procedure per industry standards reducing the chances of spreading to other areas

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Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning attic mold in Portland CT comes with some health risks. Although there are many DIY articles, they put you and everyone else in the house at a significant medical risk. Moreover, doing it yourself cannot guarantee you that the mold won’t come back. The knowledge and experience of our technicians will assure you a thorough cleaning and reduced health hazards. We also issue a fully transferable warranty with every mold remediation job.


Discovering the Source

Cleaning the existing attic mold in Portland Connecticut and failing to identify the source is meaningless. Our professional attic mold technicians in Portland CT do more than just clean and remove the mold. We repair or document the cause of the mold so it can be repaired before or right after the Portland Connecticut attic mold is removed. If you have an attic mold problem in Portland CT, make the right choice and contact Rapid today. You can be sure you will get highest quality results at the most reasonable price. Rapid Mold Removal, fast mold removal so that you can breathe easy again!